editorial design
Politecnico di milano

Sottovoce is an independent newspaper that tells the stories of cities through the stories of the people who live in them daily. It is composed of delicate and often hidden tales that contribute to delineate the soul of urban spaces.


Research was conducted to understand how the themes of sociality and spaces relate, and later an exploration of social magazines dealing with places and spaces, focusing on peculiar examples of storytelling.


Giving voice to what is lived,
people in urban spaces


Thus was born the idea of SottoVoce, which is a magazine that covers a different Italian city in each issue, the first being Rimini. The story of each city is composed from a collection of contributions from people who live there and tell their lives and experiences through urban spaces.


Interviews, articles, photo shoots and illustrations were produced for the magazine from scratch. One of the key parts was identifying the right people to represent the city. The magazine also contains an in-depth cultural insert and an illustrated part.

Here are the illustrations I made for the insert, which is printed on colored paper. The drawings illustrate episodes told in one of the interviews conducted.

One of the most challenging but also stimulating aspects of the project was to have a live dialogue with local people, taking photos, writing the texts and drawing. I am originally from Rimini, and telling the story of my city with this project was an opportunity that I cherish.

It was exciting to be part of the Graphic Days Torino 2022 exhibition with SottoVoce in the editorial section, we are honored.

Team: C. De Amicis, L. Agosta, A. Antonini Cencicchio, F. Inzani, F. Meani, S. Zanardi.