Marinha Do Tejo

brand identity
Marinha do tejo - iade lisboa

A renewed brand identity for Marinha do Tejo which is the historical naval association of the city of Lisbon, representing an important cultural heritage of the city; the project aims to visually tell the story of the association taking into account all its facets.


Primarily, research was carried out on the association's protected heritage, its cultural aspects, and current communication. Marinha do Tejo preserves the historic boats, characterized by bright colors and traditional shapes; the sailors are the core of the association by living the Tejo and organizing sailing activities.


Extending the transmission of the tradition to the younger generations


The visual identity was then developed, including the logo. Boats and the river Tejo were considered as the main starting points for shaping, palette and meaning.


The logo was accompanied by variants and a general cut-out style that could be adapted for both institutional and more playful use.

It was very stimulating to work in such a socially rooted cultural context, to confront the inhabitants of the city and to understand the positive visual impact of the project on those who have always known the association.

Team: C. De Amicis, L. Agosta, S. Barranco, L. Peralta, M. Tacchini.