service design, ux-ui design
Politecnico di milano

pArte is a service in which the artist and the public collaborate to create collective works of art. The app revolutions the way art is lived and created, promoting a more heartfelt and participatory relationship between public and artists.


The project was created in the framework of post-pandemic entertainment, with the aim of meeting the needs of users with respect to artistic fruition. The relationship with others and with the artist proved to be a pivotal element in artistic enjoyment.

The research was composed by a survey on 95 users interested in art and culture and interviews with the creation of an emotional journey map with 10 expert users. Subsequently, personas were delineated and a benchmark conducted.

95 users

journey map
10 expert users

A new way of making art.
And it's collaborative


From the outcome of the research came the idea for pArte: a service consisting of an application, which connects artists and users to generate collaborative artworks.

Reinventing the relationship between audience and artist.

Propose activities of cocreation and encounter through content directly generated by the artist.

take parte

The App

Finally, project visual identity, application architecture, user experience and user interface were designed. One of the most challenging elements was the complexity of the service on the app, which involved dual parallel use by both users and artists.

With pArte, artists can create works where contributions from many people are needed, and users can participate in the works they prefer. The works are of various types and there are 3 levels of complexity. Projects can involve physical group meetings or online participation.

Start creating.
Take pArte

The goal was to create a smooth and playful user experience; in fact, some features such as random selection of new art experiences for the user were included. Here, app architecture for the artist side.

We are honoured that pArte was finalist project at UX DESIGN AWARDS 2022 and was selected for FUORISALONE 2022 DESIGNXDESIGNERS.

Team: C. De Amicis, L. Agosta, A. Antonini Cencicchio, M. Bombardieri, E. Busletta.